Who laughs is a hero





is an educational story in which Cene’s dreams provide him with the instructions, solutions and friends he needs to start the day with a smile on his face. It is a teaching tool for practicing laughter in kindergartens and primary schools.

Simona Krebs, the Director of the Institute for Laughter in the introduction:

“Heroes laugh, it is true! Laughter is a natural state of man, which accompanies all human beings into this world. Therefore, the knowledge of laughter should be brought closer to those who are for various reasons unable to laugh. The writer Božena engages a professional yet a playful style to raise children’s awareness of laughter, its exercises and effects. Congratulations and acknowledgements to the author for her masterpiece. This excellent story incorporates the dreams, wishes and mission of laughter needed for those of us, who are aware of the meaning of laughter, to fill the world with it.”



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